The Cranberry Loaded Scone Journey

I am not a cook that is what I tell myself very often. I once cooked for my (now) husband during our dating period and let’s say he stop eating that dish until now, no joke. After we got married he is the one who does almost all the cooking for the family ranging from preparing baby food when the kids were young until feeding his hungry wife every evening, yes I really appreciate that. He cooks Thai dish and grill very delicious steak but what he does not do is baking pastry. On the contrary, I do bake but I only practice to bake my favorite items (very few though) Continue reading

7 Things I learn from ’The Danish Way of Parenting’

BD31C22D-B42A-42A4-B294-F6E9D26A83F7Do you have any kid or niece or nephew? I have 2 precious boys and raising them is the most challenging job in the world for me. I thought so many times why nobody has ever warned me about how patient you must be to grow a person. As parents, we always seek the best and right way to groom our children to be one fine/ normal/ perfect (if possible) adult. In this world of child raising, I read a lot of parenting book (well I really need to) and I found this book ‘The Danish Way of Parenting’ and was very much interested. Continue reading

10 Ways to Have a Restful Weekend


If you are like me, it feels like a few hours just pass by from hip hooray ‪on Friday night until Sunday afternoon‬. Suddenly, it is ‪3 PM‬ and oh…. in a few hours our weekend will be gone for another 5 days. At that point of the day, I found my brain frantically list out everything I wish to do on the weekend yet continue to be a ‘wish list’. Where has my weekend gone??? Did it leave me without saying goodbye? Continue reading

4 Ways to Be ‘Hygge(ligt)’ Even Though You Are Not Living in Denmark (Book Review)


Do you know that Denmark was ranked as the happiest country in the world 6 times in the last 10 years? Last time I checked from the 2018 World Happiness Report it is still in the top 3 together with Finland and Norway. Since I am from the country that is not even ranked in the top 156 countries, I’m keen to know what factors that make them so happy and that is why I pick up ‘The Little Book of Hygge The Danish Way to Live Well’ the New York Times bestseller written by Meik Wiking. Continue reading