Carry on bag essentials for 1 year old baby (10-hour flight)

Hi today I would like to share my carry on bag essentials when I flied to Paris with my one year old baby boy. It was the first time I flied with my kid and I found out that this time there is no space for me. Since Bangkok to Paris is a 12-hour flight, I have to be super careful and not to forget anythingggg. Yes, it took me a month to pack them. Ok here we go the baby carry on packing list :

Group 1 : Food & Medicine

  •  thermometer – to avoid debation if the baby has a fever or not on the plane.
  • Medicines for kids ie.paracetamol, chlorpheniramine …I consulted my pediatrician for the recommended list of my child so I recommend you to do the same as the list can be different for each baby.
  • Ready to eat baby food 4 pouches of 100grams
  • Milk for 16 hours (include time in airport and traveling to and from airport)
  • Zippy cup

Group 2: Clothes

  • 2 sets of baby clothes
  • Favorite blanket
  • 8 diapers
  • Disposable change pad
  • 2 Bib
  • Teeth clothes
  • Big clothes to lay on the floor in case we have to let baby sit on the floor. I use sarong clothes same as when we go to the beach.
  • Small wash clothes to wipe baby face or hands or arms or legs …

Group 3: Toys

  • 6-item busy bag. I found out after the trip that the most interesting toy for my boy is the baby mobile phone that can make button noise. No need to worry that it will make a loud noise on the plane because the plane itself is already very loud, you know that hmmmmmmm sound. So I recommend any toys with interesting noise and light would keep the baby concentrate for a while.
  • Teethers
  • Toy straps

Group 4 : Miscellenous but important

  • Anti-bacteria baby wipes – wipe everthing that baby will touch… everything
  • Normal water baby wipes – for clean up the baby (big pack please)
  • Copy of birth certificate : original & translate in English

Okay, that’s it and now you see there is no space left for mommy T-T.
Actually, moms do need to prepare a spare shirt in case the baby vomit or pee on us accidentally or intentionally.

Hope you find my packing list when travel with a baby is useful, Au revoir ……

miniature of a plane

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