Parenting : Time for ourselves


Hi there 🙂 it is Sunday night and my boys just fall asleep so now it’s time for mom to relax after a long day and what seem like a long weekend. Being a mother and father is all about devotion but  I believe it is crucial for parents to have time to ourselves and also oneself to keep us sane. If we take care of ourselves and feel happy then we can take care of our kids even happier ! I experienced it myself that this is very true. However, it is not easy to spare time to ourselves when we have to be attentive to our children during their awakening (yes, we are never going to get any rest if our beloved children are awake) but it is not impossible. For me I have allocated 3 periods for myself to pursue my hobbies and contemplate my goals :

  1. 30 minutes to 1 hour before working on weekdays. This is my favorite alone time that I spend to contemplate things. It is in the morning so my brain is still very fresh. I plan to arrive at work a little early everyday. This make me not to stuck in the traffic and also have more time to prepare myself for a working day.
  2. Of course, after the kids’ bed time every night. This could be 1-2 hours if I do not fall asleep with them. This is a time to relax. It is a weekday’s night and if you are like me you will be very tired at these hours. Any relaxing activities are welcome to rest our mind.
  3. 2 hours in the afternoon on a weekend. Luckily, I can leave my kids with their grandparents for a few hours so this will be the time I can go out for some coffee with my hubby.

I heard some couples take turn to take care of their children so one can go to gym or hang out with friends for 1-2 hours. Please share with me what is your favorite kids’ escape way so I can try some 🙂


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