5 ways to have a fulfilling vacation


Hi today I would like to share a travel tips that I have been incorporated in to my vacation so far and it feels good. I love taking a vacation …. well who does not ! Being a full-time 9-5 employee, long weekends and holidays are gold. Having a fulfilling vacation will bring us back the energy on Monday. So here you are 5 ways you can try to have a little more enjoyable vacation :

1. Find a quiet time. I love to find a nice cosy spot of my vacation place and spare time to be alone. It can be laying down with books, reading favorite blog, listening to a podcast, writing, staying still, doing mini craft work or just walking on the beach. This is the true ‘rest’ moment for me.

2. Take a relaxing bath. This could be with your love one or if you choose to spend it alone, this too can be your quiet time. Bring your favorite bubble bath, minerals, onsen, bath salt, scrub sponge and turn on music, delta music or classic channel. I found it the finest way to wind down after a long day.

3. Plan a nice restaurant. Good food brings good mood. Do research and plan them ahead ….seafood, Dimsum, Italian, dessert, great view, nice bands. Reserve seats if they allow. Savor the moment, the atmosphere, the food, and the conversation.

4. Have a day off. I always have one day off if I am on a long trip saying 7 days or more. Let’s plan a day without a plan. This could finally be a day we go unplanned shopping, just hang out at nearby cafe, going for a walk or even just stay at the place and take a rest. If you are with kids, you may explore local playgrounds. An unplanned day will ensure you are not too tired during the trip.

5. Be spontaneous with what happen during the trip. Go along the flow. If things do not go as plan, be relaxed about it. After all, you are on a vacation. If you get lost, it could be the most memorable moment and a fun story to tell later. Lighten up !

Now please do share me your secrets that you use on your vacation. I would love to test and try your tips too 🙂

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