5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Savings


Do you not like to talk about savings? Well thinking about money savings for retirement is stressful and sometimes can be depressing. However, I think everyone is happy to see their saving account growing and growing while you practically doing nothing, well… not nothing-nothing at least you have to work to earn your income and then taking care just a little bit. Today, I would like to share ways to manage money with simple mind and be peaceful with it. I have been using these techniques for quite a few years and I found my savings account is growing significantly comparing to before that I did not pay attention with them much.

1. Set up an emergency fund. First things first. Before setting up the saving fund, let’s make sure that we have one nest in case of urgent need comes up. This fund could be for unexpected medical bills or the sudden losss of job. For the amount, personnally I spare enough for 3-4 month spending without income or if you can 6 months is a great security amount.

2. Automate your saving account. After you have enough money in your emergency nest, let’s plan for the saving fund. First of all, just figure out how much you can save and set automate transfer that amount to another account that you promise yourself will not touch it. Wait and See what happen after a year.

3. Set up your ’Want’ budget. If you are like me, you know that the urge of shopping can occur anywhere anytime and very frequently. I reseach a lot of ways to control my spending. One of them is to set up my ‘want’ budget. It’s easy I just figure how much I will allow myself to buy the ‘unnecessary’ stuff like new dress, new shoes you know stuff that you can live without. In my case, new dress is uncessary look at all the dress I have in my closet. When I have budget, it make me think more carefully before I spend.

4. Try spending fast. If you cannot control your spending eventhough you have a budget, try stop spending on your ‘want’ at all. Actually, to go 100% no spending is easier. You do not have to monitor the budget balance. Set a period of time 7 days or a month and then just do not give in your want. I have tried both one week and one month. The result is I have an amount of money left in my bank account more than usual and that feels great.

5. Cut one of your recurring expense. This one effects in a long run. Review your mobile plan or cable plan or maybe cancel anything you can live without. I cancel my cable plan and downsize my mobile plan which make me find out that I overpaid for quite sometimes with the old plan. Maybe look at the cost of your daily coffee, can you save on that? Try pick just one.

To save for your future self is after all…why not. I hope you find my list helpful. Enjoy saving !

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