A Day in Bangkok : Wat Pho


Hello, today I’m taking you to one of the famous destination in Bangkok that Unesco had registered its asset as ‘Memory of the World’. Here we are at ’Wat Pho’, an ancient temple renowned for the 46-meter long reclining Buddha. Wat Pho is situated in the middle of Bangkok right next to the Grand Palace and the temple of the Emerald Buddha and across the river from the stunning temple ’Wat Arun’. You can walk and take a short ferry trip among these places for one fine cultural exploration day.

Majority of Thai are Buddhist so there are several hundreds of temple in every city.
Among these, Wat Pho is the top tier royal temple which means it was renovated and maintained by Thai monarch. It was built since more than 300 years ago and in the year 1794, had gone through majorly renovated by King Rama I. Afterward the temple has been established as the symbolic temple of King Rama I. To this day, Thai monarch continue to have their annual religious ceremony here.

As a Bangkokian who was born and lived here all my life, I still love to travel to this area whenever I have a day off. Starting from enjoy the view and cold drink at a riverside cafe and then take a stroll to one of the temples. They are both sacred and beautiful to me. Paying a visit to these place is fulfilled me in a different way. I should say no more and let’s enjoy the photo from my last visit.

I hope you feel like having a mini trip reading this one. Have a wonderful day!

Mural painting & Wall arts 



The Pagodas of 4 Kings



Chinese Dools around the temple


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