7 Things I learn from ’The Danish Way of Parenting’

BD31C22D-B42A-42A4-B294-F6E9D26A83F7Do you have any kid or niece or nephew? I have 2 precious boys and raising them is the most challenging job in the world for me. I thought so many times why nobody has ever warned me about how patient you must be to grow a person. As parents, we always seek the best and right way to groom our children to be one fine/ normal/ perfect (if possible) adult. In this world of child raising, I read a lot of parenting book (well I really need to) and I found this book ‘The Danish Way of Parenting’ and was very much interested. Continue reading

10 Ways to Have a Restful Weekend


If you are like me, it feels like a few hours just pass by from hip hooray ‪on Friday night until Sunday afternoon‬. Suddenly, it is ‪3 PM‬ and oh…. in a few hours our weekend will be gone for another 5 days. At that point of the day, I found my brain frantically list out everything I wish to do on the weekend yet continue to be a ‘wish list’. Where has my weekend gone??? Did it leave me without saying goodbye? Continue reading