Seoul Itinerary : where to visit in 5 days

Hello, today I want to share my Seoul itinerary of 5 days. I am going in this coming April with my husband and our two boys so some places for the kids are included.

This is my 4th trip to Korea. However, it is the first time for the boys so I include the ‘must’ visit ones. Seoul is 2 words for me ‘Fun’ and ‘Yummy’. I’m sorry if my itinerary focuses too much on the food. It is the most important part on any trip. Let’s begin

Day 1 & 2

The first place is Gyeongbokgung Palace where we hope to see Korean soldiers. Next, I wish to stop by The London Bagel Museum and take out their famous bagels. I heard the queue is very long to sit in so taking way is my way out. Next, we will take a bus to Mungwon market. I already went to Gwangjang market last time so let’s try a new one that the locals recommend. The last plan is dinner at the Korean grill: Hanam Pig House. This restaurant is promoted in the Hospital Playlist series so I want to try it.

Day 2 is when I plan to go out of town. I sen I plan to go out of town. can enjoy and find a large science museum about 40 minutes away from Hongdae. We can conveniently take a train. I plan to stay for half day and come back to Seoul. The afternoon is for cafe hopping. Seoul has tons of cafes around every corner so we will visit some to experience their cafe vibe and coffee and cakes. For dinner, I’m not sure if we will have the energy left to go picnic at Hans river so I put Jjimdak restaurant as an alternative.

Day 3 & 4

We will go visit Changuimun Gate in the morning of Day 3 and do a little hiking to see the city view. Lunch is the famous Samgyetang in Hongdae. No other plans today as I think we will be a little tired from the first 2 days already. Dinner is planned around our place. It is a local restaurant that I found on my last trip. They have an extra large bowl of soup served and grilled pollack fish which I don’t want to miss this time.

Day 4 is our shopping day. We will visit toy streets in Dongdaemun. The kids are expected to squeal with joy on that day. Later we will go to the Lotte mall in Meongdong or Hyundai mall in Sinchon for a little shopping… just a little. Dinner is the famous Korean fried chicken. Last time I tried Oven Baked Chicken and did not impress much. On this trip, I will try BHC.

Day 5 and Cafe List

On the last day, I have only half day before leaving to airport. I plan to visit Ehwa or Yonsei University. Both are beautiful and a lovely place to have a stroll. Then we say goodbye to Seoul.

Hope you found my article useful if you are planning a trip to Seoul. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.